Health Lottery Results

Health Lottery results happen five times a week on five different days and the most recent draws can be found on our website after each draw. You can check the Health Lottery results from each draw on our site below to learn more and can select a date to see more data, including all the prizes available for all the winners.

About Health lottery results

Health Lottery results can be claimed within 180 days after the draw happens. You can still win the prize even after 6 months if you have an unchecked ticket from any of the results held during that period, you can claim a prize if eligible. Check from our website results here whether you’re a winner or not. It is the right place for you here if you want to check your numbers and quest for specific winning dates. The results are also published in some renowned newspapers like the Daily Star, Express, Sun and Mirror papers and you can also check results from other participating retailer’s sites or newspapers. You can call us also call us or email for more information if getting confused.

With your help, The Health Lottery results are a blessing for has a huge number of individuals across Great Britain and genuinely change the luck of thousands of people week after week. So far in this competition, over £100 million has been raised up till now, and with your participation, this figure will surely increase. Each £1 ticket you purchase means a lot of us and encourages us to raise more money. We are now overseeing 12 local society lotteries in different societies of England. The cash we raise in draws is assigned to one of those 12 regional social societies after every month. Hence this scheme proves that over the year, each region of England, Scotland and Wales gets a deserved money share of the assets raised. The purpose of 12 local lotteries societies is to tackling health imbalances in their separate territories. It would be ideal for all of us in England if you help us in achieving the required health results in your locale. The Gambling Commission is responsible in order to assign licenses to all these 12 local societies.