Postcode Lottery Results

People postcode lottery results are a contribution in Great Britain, which is work under Postcode Lottery Limited Gambling Commission. The Postcode lottery was first introduced by the Dutch Company Novamedia BV, which was launched in 1989 in the Netherlands. Now Novamdeia runs six lotteries using marketing cause. National Postcode Loterij Vrienden Loterij and BankGiro Loterij, which was in the Netherlands, Svenska Postcode Lotteries in Sweden. People Postcode Lottery in Great Britain and since in July 2016 Deutsche Postcode Lotteries in Germany. They all claim to have contributed over €8.6 billion to charitable organizations around the world

People Postcode Lottery results were launched in north England in the year 2005 as in the face of the pilot scheme. This fantastic launch it’s expanded into Scotland in the year 2007 and the Wales in the year of July 2010. The Lottery cause marketing, claiming to have been established to raise for the charity and increase the awareness of the work of the various charities and causes supported by its players.

Postcode lottery results process

Postcode lottery is as you all know a subscription lottery. The players of postcode lottery signup to pay monthly in advance through their direct debit, debit card, or PayPal. In that game, there are ten draws each month with prizes every day—the play ticket based on their playing postcode, which is usually on their homes postcode. The most known postcode in Britain will often represent a group of houses. One of the best things in this lottery is that if more than one resident has a ticket in a winning postcode, all playing neighbors collect prizes. The maximum amount which can be won by a single card is £400,000 or 10% of the total draw proceeds.

Postcode lottery results in Beneficiaries

In the postcode lottery, there is a minimum amount of 32% of the ticket from the player’s £10 monthly subscriptions goes to various trusts, which in turn provide funding to charities and community projects across Great Britain.

Charity Player Funding Received
Maggie’s £11,931,691
WWF-UK £11,149,474
Dogs Trust £9,563,452
War Child £9,144,837
Woodland Trust £8,976,329
The Wildlife Trusts £8,488,627
Royal Voluntary Service £8,360,627
WaterAid £8,264,106

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